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‘Fear God, and give glory to Him; for the hour of His judgment is come’
Revelation 14:7

Enochian   14x7

But it is not as the prophets foretold. In a modern world of science and skepticism
the hosts of heaven and hell wage guerrilla war, skirmishes that whisper a prelude
of the storm to come. The battlegrounds are cities, the weapons are mortal souls
conscripted into service as the vessels of angels and demons.
These days mark the beginning of the end.
God help us all.

This is a World of Darkness campaign based loosely on themes from the television show Supernatural, the book Good Omens, and adaptations from the Judeo-Christian mythos.

The system is a modification of Geist: the Sin-Eaters, wherein the entities sharing the body and mind of a human Vessel is an angel or demon. Spared from death at the last moment, Vessels act as a highway into the earthly realm for the first troops of the Apocalypse.

The prophets said that the sky will open up and trumpets will sound, that the Beast will rise and do battle with the Heavenly Host. Brought back into the world, Vessels are thrust into the middle of an occulted war. Whether or not they can hold onto their humanity and free will in the face of such a divine burden remains to be seen.

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